Tuesday, 30 October 2007

International Dungeons and Dragons Day this Saturday!

It's International Dungeons and Dragons Day this Saturday, 3rd November 2007 and to celebrate we're joining players around the world and running games throughout the day.
All you need to play is provided in store, so come along and have fun.
We have games running at 10:30am and 2pm.
If you would like to participate, just pop into the shop and sign up to play, or call us on 01773 747849. Hurry though, as places are filling up fast!

UDE Hobby League - Yu-Gi-Oh! and World of Warcraft

Chimera have now signed up to officially hold UDE (Upper Deck Entertainment) Hobby League games for Yu-Gi-Oh and World of Warcraft CCG's.
If you would like to participate, drop into the shop and we'll sign you up and provide you with an official UDE membership card and number, which will also enable you to enter any offical sanctioned tournaments.
Keep checking this blog for further updates as to when the league games will be running.

Games Workshop November Releases

In store next week

High Elves Army Book
High Elf Chariot
High Elf Prince and Noble
High Elf Archmage and Mage
High Elf Dragon

Also available High Elf Army Box Set!

24th November Releases

Citadel Plastic Cutters
Citadel Hobby Drill
Citadel Modelling Files
Citadel Bench Vice
Citadel Razor Saw
Citadel Modelling Knife
Citadel Sculpting Tool
Citadel Tool Set
Citadel Tape Measure

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

New Releases for November


1st November

POK World Champ Decks 2007 £8.99

2nd November
Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures

New D&D Figure release – ideal for play on worldwide D&D Day, Saturday 3rd November 2007

Desert of Desolation £ 9.99

2nd November
Star Wars Miniatures

Force Unleashed Huge Pack £14.99

Battle of Hoth Scenario Pack £34.99
17 pre painted plastic miniatures, including alt paint AT-ST and exclusive General Veers hologram figures.

November 2007
Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG

Ground Assault Booster Display £ 2.99
Ground Assault Gravity Feed Display £ 2.99
Ground Assault Tin £ 8.99

7th November

Yu-Gi-Oh Colletible Tins 2007 Wave 2 £14.99

14th November
Gladiator’s Assault Booster £ 2.49

7th November
Pirates Pocketmodel Game

Pirates Cursed Seas Plunder Pack £13.99

7th November
World of Warcraft TCG

March of the Legion Starter Display £ 9.99
March of the Legion Booster Display £ 2.99

Feast of Winters Veil Set
10 new game play cards, 2 new pet cards
3 Booster packs and exclusive deck box £ 9.99

14th November
Halo Action Clix

Halo Scarab Vehicle Pack £134.99

16th November
Axis & Allies

Axis & Allies Guadalcanal £ 29.99
Introduces the cruiser unit as well as mechanics for land, sea and air combat in the South Pacific.

16th November
Magic the Gathering

Duel Decks: Elves Vs Goblins £14.99

21st November
Heroclix Mutations & Monsters

Mutations & Monsters Booster £ 6.49