Thursday, 29 April 2010

Myths and Legend £5.00 Tournament Sat 1st May 2010 RIPLEY Store

EVENT: This Saturday £5.00 Myths and Legends Tournament in the Ripley store.You get 1x Starter deck plus three boosters to get you started and then there will be plenty of boosters up for Prizes too!! 12.30pm Start. A chance to get your hands on a classic TCG... Don't miss out!!

Yu-gi-oh Shining Darknes Sneek Peak Saturday 1st May 2010

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sneek Peek, Shining Darkness.
Sealed Deck Event - Swiss Format-You get 5 x Shining Darkness boosters with which to build a minimum 20 card deck.

Price: £18.00
When: 1st May 2010

Beeston Store Times: Reg- 11.30 Start 12.30
Ripley Store Times: Reg- 11.00am Start- 12.00pm

Prize support includes: promo cards and other items TBA
Each player gets a Sneek Peak Promo Card as a participation prize*

*whilst stocks last

Monday, 19 April 2010

Pokemon BattleRoads RIPLEY 23rd April 2010!!

Pokemon Battle Roads

Ripley Store,
7 Church St
01773 747849

Registration: 16:00 onwards
Start: 17:30
Finish: 19:30
Cost £5.00

Bring your 60 card decks down ready to play Battle Roads and win some cool promo cards. Other Prize support TBADon't forget to bring your deck lists.
Please ensure that all of your cards are legal, if unsure then check with a league leader or visit

Rise of Eldrazi Launch Parties

Rise of Eldrazi Launch Party 24th April 2010
Get your brand new release Rise of Eldrazi boosters and take part in a sealed deck tournament, and boost your deck building skills.
Cost £18.00
You get 6x Rise of Eldrazi Boosters and special promo cards, plus other prizes TBA

Or take Part in Open dueling just purchase yourself a brand new starter deck.If you can't make the early start, make sure you check for other side events, Booster Drafts and Two headed Giant.
All happening at both stores!!
For more information or to book on to any of the above see:

Ripley Store
Event Time- Reg: 11.00am Start: 12.00
7, Church Street
01773 747849

Beeston Store
Event Time- Reg: 10.30am Start: 11.30am
105, High Rd
01159 229880

Superhero Battle 24th April RIPLEY

Superhero Battle in RIPLEY STORE 24th April 12.30
Start Get your hands on, a Hulk sized hand of Marvel Ultimate Battle cards...Cost£5.00!!!
You get 6x boosters to make your decks, and there's bigger Booster prizes up for grabs for winners, plus boosters for all entrants.
For anybody in to the super heroes, of the marvel world, try out this Classic TCG at our Ripley store this Saturday.
Call 01773 747849 to Book