Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Thursday Gaming Evening Chimera RIPLEY!!

We will be Running £5 sessions on a monthly basis as follows:

March Week 1 (1st) -Assorted Gaming card and board games plus Role-play Sessions, (Regular, Reliable GM's WANTED)

March Week 2 (8th) - Yu-gi-oh £5.00 Tournament

March Week 3 (15th) - Magic the Gathering £5.00 Tournament

March Week 4 (22nd) - Pokemon £5.00 Tournament

April Week 1 - Assorted games and RPG's

April Week 2 - Yu-gi-oh £5.00 tournament

April Week 3 Magic the Gathering £5.00 Tournament

April Week 4 Pokemon £5.00 Tournament

Pokemon Evening Friday 9th March 2012 Zekrom Theme

Friday 9th March
Cost: £10.00
4pm- 8pm

Theme: Zekrom

Have a completely Pokemon day including:

4pm -8pm
Pokemon Prize Quizzes
Pokemon Games

Best Dressed Pokemon Competition/Cosplay - Theme Pokemon (bring/wear something related to Zekrom) Prize for Best costume!

Pokemon Word Search
Pokemon Puzzles
Pokemon Name Games
Bring your DS and have Pokemon Battles
Bring your Cards and Battle for special goodies!

Plus much, much more!

Lots of Prizes to be won!

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Now Every Saturday at Chimera Ripley
10.30-12.00 Noon

Saturday 18th
Saturday 25th


Duellist League is open for Duellists born in 1995 or later
Entry Fee is only £3.00 or FREE with the POWER
The event runs for 2.5 hours
The format is open duelling, single, Advanced Constructed decks

Once a Duellist has collected 5 Duellist Cards from his opponents, he or she must turn them in, after which he or she chooses a rare prize card from the available selection.

Once a Duellist loses their last Duellist Card, he or she chooses a common prize card, and then receives an additional random rare prize card.

At the end of the 2-hour League session, any Duellists who have not yet earned a rare prize card pick a random rare prize card from the available selection. The Duellist with the most Duellist Cards chooses first. In the case of ties, the youngest Duellist picks first.

Pokemon DS League/Casual Card Games RIPLEY STORE SATURDAYS


Pokemon Ds League & Casual Card Games
Every Saturday Morning
From: 10am till 12 noon
FREE Session!
At: Chimera Ripley

Saturday 18th
Saturday 25th

Bring Along your Ds and Favourite Pokemon Games and Play Competitively or Casually With other DS players, or bring your 60 card decks and play casually!
Make new Friends and find new Pokemon.

February Hero Clix RIPLEY STORE

This February sees the start of a regular Heroclix meetup.

Come along and play, trade and battle for FREE!!!

Dates for February Meetings:
Wednesday 22nd
Wednesday 29th

Looking at doing some optional organised play with promo figures too (this will incur a small entry fee)

Book Group RIPLEY Store, Alternate Tuesdays!

Cost £2.50

Tuesday 28th February

So what's all this about then? We figured that Ripley needs an alternative book group that deals in the likes of Horror, Manga, Comic Book, GW Novels etc, none of your Romantic Rubbish (though we might make an exception for raunchy Vampires!) so here it is. We don't discriminate on age, though we would recommend your parents don't mind you being out this late, especially on a school night. We also do the odd bit of writing, drabbles and the like, pop along and see what we're all about!

WOW Battlegrounds RIPLEY

Official Promo cards to be won including Badges of Justice!

On Every Wednesday at 8.00pm-10.00pm

£4.00 Entry plus 1 Booster

All matches sanctioned and reported.

Come on down and test out your decks, play for fun and trade.

Raids and Drafts available too!

Players of all abilities welcome!


Every Tuesday
£3.00 Entry
Plus 1 Booster in the Pool per two Players

At the same time:
Casual Play: Bring Standard, Extended, Commander, Planechase, Archenemy, Modern and Multiplayer decks.

FREE Casual Play

10 Play Points casual Card: Gather the Townsfolk
20 Play Points Casual Card: Nearheath Stalker

Players of all abilities welcome!!

Yu-Gi-Oh Hobby League RIPLEY February

Cost £3.00
Start: 17:30 (please be here before hand!)

Turbo Pack for each player
Extra Turbo pack for the winner

The tournament will run for full round, Swiss style.
So come on down and don't miss out...

Wednesday 22nd
Wednesday 29th

Pokemon Hobby League RIPLEY February/March

Start: 17:30
Finish 19:30
Cost £3.00
Come and Play to win great FOIL CARDS
BOLT Season win Zebstrika and Electric Energy!


Come down and play to win Despise!
Start 19:30
Finish 23:00
Standard Format
Cost £3.00 with Booster Prize Support!