Thursday, 6 March 2014

Summary of Events over the next seven days:

TODAY: Thursday 6th March 11:00-22:00
18:00-19:30 Cardfight Vanguard Hobby League £3.00 everyone gets a Booster and a Promo Pack 
19:30-22:00 Heroclix/Mage Knight Meet Up! 
19:30-22:00 ***NEW Casual Magic NEW***

Friday 7th March 11:00-23:00
15:00-18:30: Friday Night Magic - £3.00 everyone gets a Booster and a chance of winning a FNM promo too! 
19:30-23:30: Friday Night Magic - £3.00 everyone gets a Booster and a chance of winning a FNM promo too!
19:30-23:30: Theros/Born of the Gods Draft £12.00 Booster Prizes.

Saturday 8th March 10:00-17:00
10:00-17:00 Mega Comic & Board Game Sale Day
Come along and join us for March's Mega Comic & Board Game Sale Day
20% off all shelved back issues
Buy one get one FREE on all boxed back issues
30% off all Graphic Novels
Manga sales table Books from £1.00!!
All board games 10% off
Plus special guest Patricia H Ash-Vildosola editor of Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue will be in store too!!!
Plus we will be demonstrating & playing games in store too!!!

Sunday 9th March 10:00-17:00
10:00-17:00 Magic the Gathering GRG FREEPLAY
12:00-17:00 Pokemon GRG £5.00 booster pack prizes!

TODAY: Monday 10th March 11:00-23:00
17:30-22:00: L5R Casual FREEPLAY
17:30-22:00: Roleplaying FREEPLAY
19:30-22:00: MtG Theros/BotG Value Draft £9 - 3 Boosters of Theros Re draft the rare & mythic cards at the end in standings order!

Tuesday 11th March 11:00-22:00
17:30-21:00 Pokemon GRG £3.00 everyone gets a booster pack.
17:30-22:00: Roleplaying FREEPLAY
17:30-22:00: Board Games FREEPLAY

TODAY: Wednesday 12th March 11:00-22:00
17:30-22:00 Roleplaying FREEPLAY
17:30-22:00 Board Games FREEPLAY
17:30-22:00 Netrunner FREEPLAY

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