Friday, 21 December 2007

Wallace and Gromit's Fleeced £24.99

We now have in stock Wallace and Gromit's Fleeced The Sheep Rustling Game

This is a board game for 2-6 Players by Nick Park
8 years and up


1 x Fleeced Gameboard
6 x Character Pieces
6 x Sheep Whistles
1 x Sheep Dip Bag
40 x Sheep Pieces
50 x Cheese Cards
7 x Sheep Hideout Cards

Rustling is rife in the countryside surrounding West Wallaby Street, forcing worried sheep to take refuge all over town.
Work your way around the streets, seeking out those fugitive sheep.
Rustle them from their hideouts, or from other players, and herd them in long lines safely back home.
But beware! Sheep rustling's a 'gambol'
The more sheep you rustle - the more other rustling rascals will have their greedy eyes on your flock.

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