Thursday, 21 February 2008

Freddy vs Jason - Horror Clix £12.99

New in store Freddy vs Jason Horror Clix Seven Figure Action Pack £12.99


5 x Prepainted Horror Clix Freddy vs Jason miniatures

2 x Prepainted 3-D objects (Freddy's stove, Open Grave)

6 Victim Tokens

4 Plot Twist Cards

2 Dice

Rules of play

1 x 20" x 30" double sided map (boiler room, summer camp)

The Stuff Nightmares are made of

Freddy Krueger victimized the teens of Elm Street until the parents exacted their revenge. Now he's back and not even the safety of their dreams can protect those targeted by his vengence.

As a boy, Jason Voorhees drowned in Camp Crystal Lake. Years later, he returned as the machete-wielding slasher known only as "Jason" unfeeling, unemotional and seemingly unstoppable.

Add these figures to your horrorclix game play to increase the body count and the wicked fun.

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