Saturday, 2 August 2008

World of Warcraft Black Temple Raid Deck,September Release

World of Warcraft: Black Temple Raid Deck £19.99

The final barrier has been breached as the Horde and Alliance pour through the cracks in the walls of the Black Temple. Illidan's most trusted servants prepare t obliterate all those who would dare venture into the depths of his stronghold. Do not hesitate. Now is the time to strike the final blow and save Outland from its descent into madness.

Will you cower in the presence of The Betrayer, or do you have the courage to vanquish him and claim his power for your own?


For the first time, certain Raid Deck cards will be tournament legal outside of the Raid Deck format. Plus, cards introduced in the Servants of the Betrayer expansion can be used to customize the Black Temple Raid Deck.

Available from 9th September 2008 £19.99