Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Rackham Miniatures - Confrontation and AT 43

We're now stocking a new range of miniature figures, by Rackham.
Confrontation and AT-43.

For Confrontation choose from starter sets, or Unit Boxes, plus Army Books.
Starter sets £39.99

Rule book and game scenarios
14 miniatures including. Abel and 8 spearmen for the Griffin, as well as Serethis and 4 hunters for the wolf.
6 Playing cards
6 Dice
1 Tape measure
1 Reversable gaming poster
1 "Seal of the dragon" terrain element.
Minimum time to play game = 30 minutes.
Number of players 2
Age recommended 14 +

Army Books £7.99
Unit Boxes £18.99 and £24.99

For AT43, we have army books £7.99, plus unit Boxes ranging from £15.99-£24.99

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