Tuesday, 10 March 2009

WOW Miniatures Spectral Safari Countdown - 6 Days Left

Only 6 Days left to the Spectral Tiger Loot Safari!

So what do you have to do to win?

Play in our WOW Miniatures Spectral Safari this coming Sunday!

'But I've not played WOW Miniatures before?'

That's ok, we have special sessions being held for FREE this Saturday to show you how to play, so you can compete for this spectacular prize this Sunday, here at the store.

Entry £13.50, which gets you a sealed booster, from which you will choose two figures with which to compete.

Prize support is as follows:
1 x Spectral Tiger Loot Card for the winner
1 x The Red Bearon Loot Card as a randomly selected door prize
25 x Participation Ashenvale map (first come, first serve).

If you'd like to come and play to win the Spectral Tiger Loot Card, then give us a call on 01773 747849 or email: chimeraccg@googlemail.com asap to book your place.

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