Friday, 17 July 2009

Magic the Gathering Zendikar Pre-release

Saturday 26th of September

Yep folkes, this weekend
We have several things going on:
Sealed Deck Event
Registration: 11.00 Start: 11.30
Cost £18.00
This gets you 6 x FACTORY SEALED BOOSTERS with which to make your deck and play your game.
Prizes include Rampaging Baloths foil promo, extra boosters, T-Shirt for 1st place.

Casual Play
£10.00 for your Zendikar intro pack
which allows you to play all day, and get an Rampaging Baloths Foil Promo

We're also running a variety of booster drafts in store all day, so what are you waiting for? get down here for a Magic Saturday.

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