Monday, 28 December 2009

New Year Tournaments in our Beeston Store


Tuesday 29th December
HUNTIK Seekers Championship
14:00-16:00, £2.50 P.P.

Casual play Huntik tournament, booster pack for each player. Please book in advance

Wednesday 30th December
Dungeons and Dragons Adventure
14:00-16:00, Cost £2.50 p.p.
One off D&D game ideal for those new to playing RPG’s. Learn to play D&D with a pre-generated character. Leave it to our store GM’s to introduce you to playing fantasy roleplay. Please pre book as space is limited.

Thursday 31st December
Open: 11:00-16:00
An Introduction to Magic the Gathering
14:00-16:00, Cost £2.50 p.p.

30 card constructed deck casual play tournament. New players to magic will receive a free 30 card deck to play in tournament, when signing up for a free DCI player account. Existing players please bring a deck ready to play. Promo cards and boosters for top finishers, plus random door prize. Please book in advance.

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