Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pokemon Hobby League RIPLEY June 2011

Cost £3.00 or FREE with the Power (The Power can now be gained through our Loyalty Card Scheme or through winning the Power at our monthly tournaments!)

Bring your 60 card decks ready to play hobby league

Prize Support:
Everyone, plays along the monthly play card (as per old hobby league)
and wins great EXCLUSIVE FOIL POKEMON CARDS, plus the PATCH upon completion of the card.

NEW for June Onwards Additional Prize Support!!!:
Play EVERY hobby league of the month (yes, that's every Friday) and you will gain a share of the monthly booster box (36 Boosters to a box!) :-)
(If you miss a week, you will not be counted into the share)
So if for example only 8 people make every Friday of the month then the box will be split between those 8 people equally! (If you play on The Power) you are still counted into the box split)

Pokemon Hobby League Sessions for June to qualify for the box are:

Friday 3rd June
Friday 10th June
Friday 17th June
Friday 24th June

The box will be split amongst qualifying players on Friday 24th June!

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