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Final Week - 10th April 2012

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In Segmentum Obsucurus, a conflict is growing.
The small system designated Acuzio Lucius by Imperial Scholars has long been known to house a small group of Renegade Space Marines and Imperial Guard that value humanity too much to turn to the dark forces of Chaos, but claim to be free of Imperial Control.
Other, more sinister threats lurk in those dark corners of space however…
Centuries ago the system was ravaged by a relatively small Hive Fleet, though this was before the humans had even discovered this system, and before they had even known Tyranids existed, making it unlikely the Tyranids would return, as they had scoured all they believed to be consumable within the system.
Dark Eldar have also been found to raid planets within the system, to try and gain a foothold on a small number of planets eventually.
For a long time, Acuzio Lucius was forgotten by most major factions, due to the lack of resources there, but this was before the Horus Heresy however, much has changed in 10 Millennia.
Each planet has now been found to have valuable resources, as well as suitable atmospheric conditions for life support.
Feeling abandoned by their superiors, the Renegades began to live in their own ways, free of outside influence.
With the system only recently being re-discovered by other factions – with varying methods – they began to slowly make their way there.
Upon arrival, they clashed furiously, the death toll reaching thousands with first contact, making it a bloody fight for all those involved.
As the conflict simmered down, planets, moons, and even asteroids were garrisoned to help protect their assets in the system.
Whether it is simply for the fight, or for control of the minerals that now thrive within the system, many would try to claim Acuzio Lucius for themselves.
With only a small number of troops left from the original force, reinforcements have been called in one way or another, meaning that there is little hope for a quiet finale to this chapter of the 41st millennium…

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