Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Image Comics releases for this week

NOV072036 CASANOVA #12: In Casanova Quinn's absence, E.M.P.I.R.E'sheadquarters comes under a heavy assault from an unexpected enemy! Thecountdown to CASANOVA's second series nears its end!
JAN082046 DEAD SPACE #1:The gut-wrenching story behind Electronic Arts'upcoming survival horror shooter is revealed by 30 DAYS OF NIGHT's BenTemplesmith and WASTELAND's Antony Johnston. It's killer monsters inouter space along the lines of John Carpenter's THE THING for fans ofTHE WALKING DEAD.
NOV072039 DYNAMO 5 #11: Captain Dynamo's most vicious enemies cometogether to take down Dynamo 5, but it's looking like someone may do thejob for them!
NOV072042 GRAVESLINGER #4 (OF 4): The war between cowboys and zombiesfinishes in a high noon shoot out worthy of any fan of RESIDENT EVIL andTHE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY.
DEC072052 HAZED OGN: College comes uncensored as a war againstsororities shatters lives and ends up with some very deadlyconsequences. Perfect for fans of HEATHERS and MEAN GIRLS.
NOV072045 INVINCIBLE PRESENTS ATOM EVE #2 (of 2):The secret originbehind fan-favorite INVINCIBLE character Atom Eve comes to itsconclusion with implications set to affect INVINCIBLE for some time tocome!
JAN082082 THE OVERMAN #4 (of 5): The destruction of Earth comes to ahead when an untrustworthy assassin may be the only one holding it back.
OCT072016 PAX ROMANA #2 (of 4): From the creator of THE NIGHTLY NEWS,comes a time travel story like none other, in which history is warpedfor the worst and resets our present in a twisted version of The RomanEmpire!
JUN071919 THE RIDE: DIE VALKYRIE! #3 (of 3): Every double cross andbetrayal meets its bullet riddled end courtesy of series artist BrianStelfreeze and writer Doug Wagner.
JAN082085 SCUD, THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN #22: Rob Schrab's hit seriesconcludes as Scud awakens ten years in the future, only to findeverything is not as it was. An old friend encourages him to take downthe corporation responsible for Scud's existence, but Scud has anotheragenda - blow up the planet.
SEP071961 UNHUMAN: THE ELEPHANTMEN ART OF LADRONN HC: For the very firsttime, Ladronn's illustrations are displayed in an oversized, hardcoverart book detailing the creation of the Eisner award winning HIP FLASKand its companion series, ELEPHANTMEN!

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