Monday, 31 March 2008

World of Warcraft Art Card Sets Limited Edition

Brand New In Store:

World of Warcraft Limited Edition Art Card Sets, Alliance or Horde £19.99

This box set contains 35 Unique 20cm x 25cm Art Cards, Including Art from both the Heroes of Azeroth and Through the Dark Portal releases of the World of Warcraft TCG.
Horde set features art by: Dan Scott, Justin Sweet, Z.Boros and G Szikszai, JonBoy Meyers, Samwise, plus 30 Additional unique art cards.
Alliance set features art by: Kev Walker, Clint Langley, Todd McFarlane, Michael Komarck, Greg Staples, plus 30 Additional unique art cards.

PLUS Each pack contains a Unique WOW TCG Foil Card, and a UDE points card inside.

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