Thursday, 17 April 2008

Comic of the Week, The Econauts £4.99

Celebrate Earth Day with a covert group of gifted teenagers that fight crimes against the environment by exposing the greedy perpetrators.
They are THE ECONAUTS, and they're the planet's new protectors!
Led by the mysterious orphaned Aynara Ashworth, the Econauts are made up of a secret global group of her classmates from the tony Sawhill Academy: daredevil and heartthrob, Raju Kang; thieving wild-child Keiko Oshima; Terrence 'Tweaker' Thomas, the master of disguise who also happens to be fluent in too-many languages to count; and, Nabu the tech genius without whom they'd all be grounded.
When a train crashes in Latin America and releases a dangerous pesticide, the Econauts must draw upon all their abilities to track down the ruthless corporation behind the toxic spill. But as the team begins to uncover the dirty secrets of Mason Morningstar's corporate and political dealings, Ayanara must risk her own life in order to put Morningstar's wrongs to right... Join the team in a thrilling, globetrotting race to save our resources!

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