Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Derbyshire School Holiday in the Store - Events List

Hi all, with the school holidays fast approaching we thought we'd post a list of things that we're running during the two week break. So if you need somthing to do, grab your armies, cards or figures and get down here on the following days:
(this information is also posted on our events calander on our web page)

Monday 7th April: Dungeons and Dragons Day, come and have fun with your miniatures. We also have a demo game available of the new release, so come on down.

Tuesday 8th April: This is Clix Day, we're celebrating all forms of Clix today, so bring yours down and we'll match people up and sort you out with a game, be it Haloclix, DCHeroclix, Horror Clix, Marvel Superhero Clix, bring them along for a day of fun.

Wednesday 9th April: The Store is free during the day, tables will be out, if you want to come and play, just give us a shout. Evening is YuGiOh Hobby League as usual at 17:30-19:30, entry fee £2.50. 19:30-21:30 its World of Warcraft Hobby League, entry fee tba.

Thursay 10th April: Late night opening, its comic delivery day, no tables availabe for play today.

Friday 11th April: Ascendancy LRP running today, through to Sunday down at Candleston, Wales. Tables available in the shop for play.

Saturday 12th April: GW Painting Competition announcement, get yourselves down to the store to pick up an entry form, you will have one week to complete your figures and get them back into us for Judgeing next Saturday at 11am in store.

Sunday 13th April: 10:00-16:00 World of Warcraft Hobby League Meet, come and play a raid deck instore.

Monday 14th April: Tables free in store

Tuesay 15th April: Munchkin and Pirates Day. Get yourself down here with your Pirate Ships for a battle of the Seven Seas or alternatively bring your Munchkin games down and we'll see how stylish you look with a Chicken on your head :-)

Wednesday 16th April: Munchkin and Pirates during the day. YuGiOh Hobby League 17:30-19:30 £2.50 and World of Warcraft Hobby League, price tba 19:30-21:30.

Thursday 17th April: Late night opening, its comic delivery day, no tables available for play today.

Friday 18th April: 40k Day, give us a call to sign up for a game, or bring your armies down on the day and we'll see if we can fit you in for a game. We would however advise signing up 1st.

Saturday 19th April: 11am we announce the winner of the Games Workshop Painting Competition.

Sunday 20th April: GX Nickelodeon Weekend, come and learn to play YuGiOh in store, bring your decks and challenge the Master, come on down and have fun.

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