Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Magic the Gathering Conflux Release 6th February 2009

Come and celebrate with us, we're running a Conflux Launch Party Friday 6th February 2009 from 19:30 at the Store. Call 01773 747849 or email us on if your interested in attending, please note spaces are limited, so book yours now! For further details, please visit our events page at our website

Conflux is the second set in the Shards of Alara block for Magic: the Gathering. In it, it is revealed that a sinister force is conspiring to reunite Alara. As this process begins, planes of reality begin to overlap, creating chaos on all five Shards of Alara. Conflux expands on
the mechanics introduced in Shards of Alara, and injects even more powerful gold cards into the block.
Conflux is a 145-card set, sold in booster packs, Intro packs, and Fat packs (Fat packs continue in the new format, with each containing 8 booster packs, a card box, and a novel excerpt).
Intro Packs £9.99
Booster Packs £3.49
Fat Packs £29.99
(Please note that price rises have been introduced by the distributors, due to poor exchange rates. Old stock will remain trading at old prices for now, unless the distributors pass on any price hikes.)

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