Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pokemon Platinum Release 11th February 2009

(sorry for poor image quality folkes, but I had to take it off a photocopy, as there is nothing else available at the moment)

Pokemon Platinum Theme Decks £9.99
Pokemon Platinum Booster Packs £3.99
(Please note that Pokemon, along with YuGiOh! and Magic the Gathering have recieved new year price rises. These have been implemented by the distributor for all new releases, due to poor exchange rates. Older product will remain at the original prices, unless the distributors put their prices up.)
The Pokémon TCG: Platinum expansion puts you in the middle of the action when you face challenges no Trainer has ever encountered before! From incredible Pokémon LV.X like Giratina to the mysterious new Lost Zone, from the newly discovered Pokémon Shaymin to the villainous Team Galactic, you’ll discover worlds you never knew existed and fight battles you never knew were possible.
The Pokémon TCG: Platinum is your first step into the next great Pokémon TCG adventure!
• Introduces the never-before-seen Pokémon Shaymin!
• Includes all-new Trainer-specific Pokémon SP!
• New game play area, the Lost Zone, adds lots of new strategies!
• Features two theme decks built around the new Pokémon Shaymin
and the Renegade Pokémon Giratina!
• Exciting holographic parallel set for players and collectors alike
• 130 cards in all!
• Ties in to the release of the new Pokémon Platinum computer game
later this year!
Be the first to see this new release with our Special Sealed Deck Sneak Preview event on Sunday 1st February 2009, registration 10am, start 10:30, price £18.00 (this gets you all the boosters you reqire to play in the tournament) See our Google Calander for further deails, available on the events page of our website or call us on 01773 747849 for booking details. Please book in advance as places are limited.

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