Wednesday, 27 July 2011


D&D Game Day is a one-day event spotlighting a key product release in an exclusive adventure. This year, D&D Game Day spotlights the Neverwinter Campaign Setting with an exclusive adventure entitled Gates of Neverdeath. Hired on as caravan guards to protect precious cargo bound for the city of Neverwinter, the characters are introduced to the intrigues and danger that await in this fabled Forgotten Realms locale. For the first time, players will create their own D&D characters at the event and play in a prelude adventure to the upcoming D&D Encounters season!

Players will be creating Neverwinter-Themed Characters using Land/Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdom Book.

Each Player will receive an exclusive D&D Games Day Goody Bag!!

Come on down, roll some dice and have some fun...

ONLY 15 Places available Please BOOK in advance to avoid disappointment!!

players wanting to DM Please get in touch ASAP.
01773 747849

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