Thursday, 28 July 2011


Cost £3.00
Start: 17:30 (please be here before hand!)
Everyone who attends ALL THREE August Pokemon Hobby Leagues will receive a share in a booster box (as well as the usual FOIL CARDS and the Patch!)

The tournament will run for full rounds and the store will be open to trade and play casual games [after hobby league] until 22:00!!!

So come on down and don't miss out...

Hobby Leagues for the August Box are:

Friday 5th August
PLEASE NOTE WE ARE RUNNING THE HGSS CELEBRATION EVENT ON THIS DAY ALSO, Entry £5.00 for that with HGSS onwards set legal decks, if you enter the HGSS Event, you will automatically be included as attending the 1st week of hobby league!)

Friday 12th August
Friday 19th August

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE RUNNING THE Black and White: EMERGING POWERS PRE RELEASE ON Friday 26th August, so don't forget to sign up to attend this event!!

The Box will be split at the end of the Hobby League on the 19th August.

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